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Hunting Mosquitos

Research in progress

In her project Hunting Mosquitos, Angeliki Diakrousi explores urban sound technologies. Specifically, she examines the 'Mosquito alarm' or 'The Mosquito', a technology used in public places in Rotterdam that emits high-frequency sounds, audible only to young people and experienced as unpleasant, to deter them from loitering in hangouts after complaints of noise by residents. The use of the devices by the municipality of Rotterdam in cooperation with private companies has triggered discussions about the extent to which this technology, which is directed against a specific population group, constitutes discrimination and a violation of human rights. Even if the discussion about the Mosquito seems to be open and decisions about its use are made democratically, there is unequal representation in the public dialogue.

One aspect of her research is on the language and bureaucratic processes around the installation. She talks to local youth and residents about their hangouts and the remote activation of the devices. In a slow and empirical process, she collects anecdotal evidence and brings it in discussion. Interviews and technical sound experiments will be used to reveal the ideological and acoustic dynamics behind this technology.

The work started as an invitation in 2020 (the research had been postponed because of covid) from the curator Linnea Semmerling and is supported by TENT, Rotterdam where it will be exhibited at the end of 2022. The research is also supported by Varia and Creative Industries NL (Stimuleringsfonds). Part of the research process will take place at the Goethe-Institut of Rotterdam in May and June 2022, at the Oslo Architecture Triennale in September 2022 and at Sonic Acts on October 2022.

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