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A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS) GR

A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS) is a collaborative project formed around intersectional feminist, ecological servers. Understanding servers as computers that host space and services for communities around them, this project exists inside, and in between, roaming servers and different networks. Our decentralized programme will occur in 5 locations (The Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Austria) with the collaboration of 6 partners (Varia, LURK, Constant, HYPHA, Feminist Hack Meetings, and ESC).

In September 2022 ATNOFS will travel in Athens together with the Feminist Hack Meetings. The chapter will focus on free/open-source software development and online privacy. They support a safe, inclusive community of people who are typically discriminated against in the technology sector.