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Read & Repair - Wireless Imagination

Promotional image of the event

As part of the Read & Repair - Wireless Imagination this stream was an experimental multi port broadcasting session in collaboration with Agustina Woodgate.

Radio set up[Credits: Agustina Woodgate]

In this sonic session we read all together over the multi-port stream creating a collaborative response. The radio trasnsmission brought us together through a broadcasted soundscape. The readers were invited to send voice notes via telegram translating excerpts over audio clips (whispering, screaming, languages, special fxs, sounds, noises, etc.) During this session readers became listeners and radio hosts. They could send the audio files in two ways: through a Telegram group or through a shared folder.

Screenshot from background processes[Credits: Agustina Woodgate]

The text selection was made by Agustina Woodgate:

This selection brings together architecture, public common space and alternative means of comunication.

Photo from background processes. Playing recordings from radio aporee