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Hybrid Publishing: Wells of Knowledge

This hybrid publication is a publishing moment of the essay "Wells of Knowledge", and the work "Volitional Volutions of the Volatile Waters" (2019) by Merve Kılıçer. The publication explores the ways in which oral knowledge is transfered through cultural production, inspired by Anatolian folklore. It consists of a printed poster-zine and an online platform. The research was initiated to reflect on the Gezi Park Occupation (Istanbul, 2013) and marks connecting points in the political history of Turkey through cultural production from past and present generations.

The digital platform includes an interactive, growing networked map that creates different narrative paths of media and text for the reader/visitor/viewer to navigate. This web of connections between different types of material is an invitation for a learning process both for the reader and the researcher. The print publication, which comes in the form of a poster-zine, contains an essay, a collage of edited old photographs and Kılıçer’s drawings originally produced for the installation piece “Volitional Volutions of the Volatile Waters”. The audio tracks that accompany the map categories were also produced as part of the same installation piece.