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Temporary Riparian Zone

Workshop HDSA2020

During the workshop we would like to explore ways of "streaming" to each other, both through text (via Etherpad), or through audio (via Icecast). We will reflect on the processes that arise from using these tools, by considering forms of online live-ness and simultaneous participation that manifest through listening, waiting and responding.

Going back to the definition of a stream, in a hydrological sense, a stream is a body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. Starting from this visual, we imagine that the pad and the icecast server have different ways of moving information down a channel. And as we are part of its flow, we can affect its rhythm. We will use pads to write the content together that we will be channeling to each other. It will then be transmitted live over a series of broadcast channels co-existing in a live composition interface.

Accumulations Online exhibition

An online exhibition of artists’ platforms, workshops and projects that explore intersections between networked collaboration, distributed storytelling and digital community building. Presented in association with the November, 2020 discussion on the -empyre- new media listserve, moderated by Daniel Lichtman -empyre- soft-skinned space is a global community of new media artists, curators, theorists, producers, and others who participate in monthly thematic discussions via an e-mail listserv.
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