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The Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) is a gathering of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free software and open hardware. We chew on the roots of control and domination, disrupt patriarchal societies and imagine better alternatives. To do so we prioritise the participation of women and female identified, transgender and queer persons who want to learn from each other and amplify one another's voices. The /ETC started with a group of women who felt the need to learn technical skills in our own spaces, unimpeded by the typical competitiveness of male geeks, trying things out and working through all our questions together with an open mind. Since 2001, the network of feminists who help organize the /ETC has grown both far and wide, responding and adapting to new contexts. We are geographically diverse and we have varied experiences and expertise in computing, technology, art and activism. Our long history of activity informs what, how and why we do what we do in different times and different places.

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