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OuNuPo + ttssr

From January until the end of March 2018 the practitioners of the Media Design Experimental Publishing Master course (XPUB) of the Piet Zwart Institute, in collaboration with Manetta Berends & Cristina Cochior (Varia) and the WORM Pirate Bay, have set sail on the vast sea of DIY book scanning, feminist research methodologies, constraint writing, algorithmic literature and the cultures of text digitisation and processing.

The XPUB practitioners have written software and assembled a unique printed reader, informed by critical and feminist research methodologies. The text selection explores the themes of the digital transfer of cultural biases, Techno/Cyber/Xeno-Feminism, oral culture in the context of knowledge sharing, shadow libraries, database narratives, gender and future librarians. The content of the reader will be scanned by a DIY book scanner built in the past months, and processed by different software processes and performances written by the XPUB practitioners, from chat bots to concrete poetry generators and speech recognition feedback loops.

Chapter 6 - Angeliki Diakrousi From Tedious Tasks to Liberating Orality + ttssr->> Reading and speech recognition in loop

    ttssr-human-only: ocr/output.txt
        bash src/ ocr/output.txt

Angeliki's collection of texts From Tedious Tasks to Liberating Orality- Practices of the Excluded on Sharing Knowledge, refers to oral culture in relation to programming, as a way of sharing knowledge including our individually embodied position and voice. The emphasis on the role of personal positioning is often supported by feminist theorists. Similarly, and in contrast to scanning, reading out loud is a way of distributing knowledge in a shared space with other people, and this is the core principle behind the ttssr-> Reading and speech recognition in loop software. Using speech recognition software and python scripts Angeliki proposes to the audience to participate in a system that highlights how each voice bears the personal story of an individual. In this case the involvement of a machine provides another layer of reflection of the reading process.

Exhibition at Nomida Nuda, Los Baños, © Nomida Nuda