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Hacktivism and Social Based Art

This research seeks to investigate the function of hacking in public space and the activation of it. Studying the rel-evant literature ( hacktivism andpublic space) I found that practices of social_ based art work with the same way and purpose as practices of hacktivism in public space. The research aims to define, analyze and classify the differ-ent forms the convergence between hacktivism andart of social intervention can take. Considering the techniques of hacktivism saw the following forms: 1 opening of boundaries of the space, the study of checkpoints and prohibitions, 2 appropriation of tools and alternative uses of the system thatcreate commons, 3 creation of commons, question and rearrangement of borders (social, political, conceptual) of public space. Thus, the structure of the research is divided into three sections. In each section my method is to set out the factual elements of the projects in line with the techniques and tools of hacktivism/ hacking. With this method I want to develop, in addition to my own interpre-tation, and other possibilities of reading and interpretation of the reader.